Marketed under the brand name of Royal 19 and Shakti 111, our Genetically Superior Teak Saplings are clonally propagated. Mother plants exhibiting high quality characteristics are sourced from various regions of the country. These mother plants are selected on the basis of their fast and straight growth, reduced branching, higher degree of pest and disease resistance and the hardwood quality – golden yellow colour and fine grain.

All the activities with respect to these saplings are carried out In-House under 24 hours supervision by experienced and seasoned staff thereby ensuring the quality of the saplings that are shipped to our customers.

Further, to ensure the safe transport and faster delivery of the saplings to the customers, we have a dedicated transport fleet. Our transport vehicles ensure that the saplings are delivered at the door-step of each and every customer across the country.

The genetic superiority of our saplings ensures a uniform plantation in terms of height of trees and girth of the trunk with better tolerance to pests and diseases. Some of our esteemed customers have started harvesting their trees between 12-15 years of planting which shows that our teak plants attain faster maturity compared ordinary teak plants.


  • Favourable agroclimatic conditions throughout India for Teak growing.
  • Relatively pest and disease tolerant compared to many other species.
  • Easy to grow with low maintenance costs.
  • High market value and growing demand for teakwood.
  • Novel Marketing System
    – Direct Door Delivery – From the Company’s greenhouses to Your Field.
    - No additional transportation costs charged
    - Saplings are available as Units – 1 UNIT = 10 saplings.
  • Special concessions as follows given to individual farmers who purchase 10 or more Units at a time
    – Free technical service by our Company representative for a period of 2 years from the date of purchase