Based purely on organic matter derivatives and naturally occurring beneficial organisms our range of organic manure, bio-fertilizers, bio-pesticides, bio-herbal extracts and plant growth rejuvenators afford low cost alternatives to expensive chemical inputs in Indian Agriculture. Use of our products ensures a superior cost-benefit ratio while ensuring that the farmer produces his crop in an environmentally safe and sustainable manner.

Organic Manure – Well decomposted organic residue fortified with vital growth factors.

Liquid Health Booster – Contains nutrient rich liquid obtained from vermicomposting and if fortified further with vital growth promoting factors.

Organic Plant Growth Enhancer – It is a liquid bio-fertilizer containing efficient strains of Plant Growth Promoting Rhizobacteria in dormant form @ 1 x 108 CFU/ml.

Natural Nutrient Mobilizers – It is a liquid bio-fertilizer containing efficient fungal strains of Vesicular Arbuscular Mycorrhiza (VAM) in dormant form @ 2000-2500 IP/ml.

Plant Growth Rejuvenator – This contains a precise combination of various amino acids obtained from biological sources. It is available in both Liquid and Granular formulations.

Tillering Booster – Comprising of Humic Acid and Sea Weed Extract fortified with essential tillering enhancing factors, this is an excellent product for rice, wheat and sugarcane.

Chelated Micronutrient Mixtures – State grade formula’s of chelated micronutrients. It is available in two formulations – Foliar and Soil Application Grade.

Bio-Herbal Extract – Contains potent biological extracts combined under scientifically controlled conditions for optimum growth enhancement and pest control.


Stimulate beneficial micro-organisms in the soil which release soil bound nutrients and ensure long term fertility of the soil.

Prevent over-dosing of nutrients and release nutrients at a slow and sustained rate such that growing crops are able to use the released nutrients.

Help in correcting soil pH imbalances and make the soil more suitable for crop growth.

Do not release harmful residues or pollutants thereby preventing Soil, Water & Air pollution.

Help in binding loose sandy soils and loosen up clayey/muddy soils thereby ensuring increased water holding capacity of the soil and enhanced soil aeration. This prevents soil erosion, increases beneficial microbial population and enhances crop growth.

Delivery of biologically active growth factors allows crops to build up food energy for utilization during critical growth and reproductive stages leading to higher yields of superior quality.