teak pouch ssOur team of dedicated Agricultural Graduates provide overall critical on-site After-Sales technical guidance to the customers ensuring maximum benefit to the end-user. They are trained to address any grievance faced by the customer. Customers who buy more than 10 units of Teak saplings are eligible for free-of-cost consultation with our officers for a period of two years.

28Our service staff reaches out to each and every customer who has purchased our Teak saplings and brief him about various aspects of  growing teak like

  1. Land Selection
  2. Land Preparation
  3. Planting Techniques to be followed
  4. Post Planting Care to be taken
  5. Agronomic practices to be followed
  6. Cultural practices to be followed
  7. Any other technical assistance as desired by the customer.

We also have in place a replacement policy where-in the customer is eligible to get his damaged saplings replaced free of cost if informed within the stipulated time period from the date of purchase.

2 copyGoing a step further, in the case of bulk customers, our service staff give a monthly visit to the customer’s  plantations to guide him about various agronomic and cultural practices to be followed for better establishment and growth of his plantation.