Our team of dedicated Agricultural Graduates is present across the country to provide After-Sales technical guidance to the farming community. They provide on-site guidance to the farmers and ensure that all complaints or grievances brought to the notice of the Company are resolved at the earliest.

The underlying aim of extending complete service support to the customers is to help them extract the maximum benefit from use of our products. On the basis of their technical qualification and experience, our staff ensures that the farmer uses the right product at the right time, in the right crop during the right crop stage at the right dosage. To do so, our staff employs various means like

Spot Demonstration plots: These are laid down in various crops in centrally located easily accessible farmer fields so that farmers can view the results themselves and take a well informed pre-purchase decision.

Result Demonstration plots: Season long crop specific trials are laid out in the farmers fields where our staff ensures that only recommended package of practices is followed during the entire crop life cycle. The cost-benefit ratio is worked out when the crop is harvested and exhibited to the farmers to convince them about the benefits of following the recommendations.

Farmer Meetings: These are routinely conducted at the village level wherein the service staff ensures the presence of subject matter specialists who can resolve the farmer queries with respect to the crops in the fields

Field Visits: Our staff pay a visit to the farmer’s field to assess the crop condition before recommending any remedial measures. This ensures that the farmer gets a true value from the purchase.

Training Programs: Our staff conducts training programs for the farmers through which the farmers not only gain in-depth knowledge of their crop but are also informed about the critical agronomic practices that should be followed for better crop productivity

Such training programs are usually taken two to three times during any given season – Preseason, In Season and if required Postseason.

Participation in Kisan Mela’s and Exhibitions: We actively participate in such programs for maximum dissemination of crop and product knowledge. As part of extension activities, we also participate in village level programs conducted by the KVK’s and such other agencies including State Agricultural Universities.

In addition to the above activities, the Service Staff also ensures mass dissemination of product knowledge through the print media in the form of news articles, product leaflets, posters, banners and other advertising material.