nava-bharathNavabharath Fertilizers Limited is positioned for the future with a product mix and geographical presence that matches global market opportunities. The company has an innovative culture comprised of a diverse group of talented people, who discover, develop, manufacture and market organic agriculture products for use across India.

Navabharath Fertilizers Limited. Has a state-of-the-art manufacturing plant located at Uttarakhand. This plant has been consistently maintaining the highest standards of safety.

In Navabharath Fertilizers Limited., we recognize the importance of being in continuous contact with our customers in every region of the country to get an accurate assessment of their needs. This is the principle that guides us in every facet of its business. Our sales force work very closely with our researchers and the technical service personnel to identify customer requirements on a local basis and to meet them with appropriate products from the company. Thus, Navabharath Fertilizers moves beyond a mere commitment to customer satisfaction – by becoming truly customer driven in everything it does.

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