Continuous Learning

We offer a comprehensive course with hundreds of learning opportunities to help you at all stages of your career and personal development. Other than formal classes, your manager will coach you along the way and will help facilitate your on-the-job learning. In addition to your manager, you are encouraged to work closely with a mentor, whom you select, from our experienced professionals.

Coaching and Work Experience

We develop our people through a focus on challenging job experiences enriched by feedback, coaching and formal training. Our managers participate in learning programs to build effective coaching skills to develop and lead their employees. They are encouraged to facilitate learning using actual experiences on the job involving action learning projects where employees are encouraged to work in small groups with their peers.

Formal Learning

Employees are encouraged, and, in some cases required, to participate in live classroom experiences.

Traditional Classroom Experiences

Live mentor in a physical classroom setting offer half-day to one-day programs with lively, engaging discussion. These courses align with our company’s Sivashakthi Behaviors and culture.


We encourage employees to align with a mentor who will be able to provide career guidance.


Leadership & Management

developeWe help our employees develop their leadership potential. At Sivashakthi, we grow leaders at all levels within the company and focus on promoting from within. Whether you want to advance your career to become a project manager or a manager of people, our Learning and Development Department provides many development courses structured around our company’s desired Sivashakthi Behaviors to align with your career objectives.

Below are a few sample courses:

Unlocking Your Leadership Potential: This two days classroom four months project virtual course offered through VJIM management school allows participants to create a leadership development plan designed to guide their career development. The course is based on an online 360-degree assessment, in which HR department assess your leadership skills prior to your taking the course. You will use this feedback as a basis to create your personal leadership plan.

Personal Empowerment – Taking Initiative: This half-day workshop offered in a traditional classroom setting at sivashakthi helps employees see that they can and should look for improvement opportunities. Participants will learn to take responsibility for their own success in multiple aspects of work life.

Manager Development: This one-day program prepares new managers to transition to a leadership role using experiential activities, practice and self-reflection. At the end of the course the new manager will demonstrate self-awareness and interpersonal skills, prioritize work, assign resources and delegate. In addition, the new manager will know how to energize others and retain key talent, including providing ongoing and appropriate feedback and coaching.

Coaching for High Performance: This one-day workshop provides an overview of methods and skills to help managers in coaching a direct report on an ongoing basis. Participants will learn to communicate company work objectives to their team and to work with each team member to optimize performance.

Everyday Business Etiquette: As middle management and the concept of seniority are being replaced by a flat organizational structure, the need for appropriate behavior is especially crucial—particularly if you are looking to advance your career. Learn the best ways to address your peers and superiors, and how to conduct yourself with poise and confidence.

Working as a Team: Participants learn to commit to the success of the entire team, not simply their own success. This course highlights the personal, interpersonal and organizational advantages of working together, whether in teams or work groups across the organization.

Additional courses include instruction on: communication skills, time management, team building and giving effective presentations.

Excellence Programs

Take ownership of your career by building your functional skills, knowledge and experience through our unique development programs.

Marketing Excellence

As a Sivashakthi marketer, there are many ways to achieve success and a variety of paths to follow. The continued development of your skills and talents are central to our corporate Vision. We provide tools and processes to help you plan your career and gain superior skills through this Talent System program. The skills you develop through this program will enable a one systematic approach to marketing at Sivashakthi and are transferable between farming.

Sales Excellence

This program is a vehicle to share the best practices across our selling organization to support Sivashakthi Learning model. It is focused around four themes: Sales Execution and Customer Model; Coaching and Development/Selling Skills; Meeting and Communication Effectiveness; and Attitude and Sivashakthi Behaviors.

Human Resources Excellence

Our Human Resources organization offers a variety of fundamental classroom courses through VJIM Management School, as well as a regular HR Excellence Workshop series. The workshop series provides access to slide presentations and tools on the topics of interest identified by the Human Resources community.


Working at SIVASHAKTHI means experiencing myriad cultures, geographies, businesses and technologies. It means taking on a wide array of challenges involving some of the world’s most pressing farming care needs. And it means being part of a company committed to helping you build a fulfilling life and a rewarding career.


As a SIVASHAKTHI professional, you will work in a dynamic environment that:

  • Fosters your growth through comprehensive learning.
  • Recognizes and rewards your contributions through competitive compensation to align your work to business success.
  • Values and encourages diversity with programs that have earned SIVASHAKTHI recognition as a great place to work around the world.
  • Inspires innovation, caring and sustained achievement through team environments and individual successes.
  • Encourages swift, efficient and innovative decision-making while facilitating rapid business and career results.
  • Provides employees with meaningful work, giving you the opportunity to have an impact on the lives of people across the world.


Important notice for potential candidates

Potential candidates should be cautious of approaches that appear to be offering a job for which they have not applied, especially if personal details or money must be sent in order to proceed with the recruitment.

Neither SIVASHAKTHI nor any commissioned third parties recruit in this manner. Such approaches are almost certainly fraudulent attempts to gain details of identity for illegal use.